Satin Protein Yara Maham Co.

Suprim is the outcome of 13 years of experience in the canning of aquatic industry, which started its activities in 2007 along with the old and powerful competitors in the market. quality has always been the top priority of this company; therefore, the best quality raw material, which is the most important part in production process, such as skipjack and yellowfin, has always been used.

Suprim has constructed a large cold storage in chabahar to supply fish with the highest quality and the lowest amount of histamine. Then, they freeze the cargo immediately after separation and will send them to the canning factory. This product is produced in addition to observing the quality with beautiful packaging and is presented to the international market. As soon as entering the market with its very own packaging design, it earned the 1st packaging award. Suprim is a luxury product with an ideal weight of 200 grams for family meals. Today, we are proud to honor our dear consumers by providing them with the highest quality products in both internal and external markets in order to bring in international currencies into Iran. We hope to make a big contribution to this goal with the support of our dear consumers.

Taste of Life

Suprim seeks the way of life that gives young people pleasant time with luxury products, to employ women, comfort and speed along with the enjoyment of taste, to housewives, variety with a short break, to men, the opportunity to prepare a colorful dining table that gives children, variety and excitement by absorbing nutrients. based on the strict advice of experts regarding the consumption of fish at least twice of family diet, Suprim has replaced the difficulties of buying, washing and cooking fish with the same amount of nutrients by producing healthy products without the use of preservatives. Tuna is a group of seafood that is rich in valuable sources of vitamins and proteins. Having valuable mineral sources such as calcium and phosphorus, as well as the presence of unsaturated fatty acids for the growth of children and very low levels of sodium in fish meat for people for whom salt consumption is prohibited are among the benefits of fish meat.